Orlando, FL
May 16-17, 2020

Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld

6677 Sea Harbor Dr, Orlando, FL 32821
Phone(855) 475-3391 



Crown of America is a NATURAL pageant. However, contestants ages 5-11 years of age may wear a minimal amount of makeup and contestants 12 and over may wear makeup appropriate for their age. Hair extensions, flippers and false eye lashes are not allowed on contestants under 12 years old and discouraged in the older groups. Judges may deduct for excessive and distracting hair or makeup in any division. Contestants age 5 and over must go on stage alone. Coaching from off-stage is not allowed.


Age is determined as of the day of the pageant. We cannot make any exceptions. 

Little Miss (5-6 years)
Sweetheart (7-8 years)
Preteen (9-11 years)
Jr. Teen (12-14 years)
Teen (15-17 years)
Miss (18-25 years )
Ms./Mrs. (26-39 years)
Ms/Mrs. Elite (40 -54 years)
Ms/Mrs. Classic (55 and over)


All contestants over 18 years of age may be married, unmarried, divorced, widowed and with or without children.
Contestants under 18 years of age must be single, never married and never had children.


These events are each worth 20 points per judge. They are judged on personal appearance, grooming, poise, personality and stage presence. The competition is comprised of the following events:

Photogenic- The photogenic competition is required. Photogenic submissions should be headshots with a minimum of retouching. Photogenic is judged on facial beauty, quality of the photo and overall impression.

Interview - The interview is a three to five minute panel interview depending of division. The judges just want to get to know you and will not ask any questions of a political or religious nature. Attire is your official t-shirt, denim shorts and white tennis shoes. (Ms/Mrs to Classic will wear denim pants)


On-Stage Introduction - Contestants will appear in their interview attire for their on-stage introductions.  At the front X (see diagram below) the contestant will introduce themselves including their name and something about themselves. Personal introductions must be under 30 seconds. There will be a 1 point deduction for introductions that are over 30 seconds long.

Casual WearYou may wear any casual outfit. No denim, swimsuits or rhinestones allowed. An appropriate outfit would be something you would wear to a nice brunch with family, or job interview. Casual Wear is judged on personal appearance, modeling and personality. (Ms/Mrs to Classic will do physical fitness attire. The outfit must be ALL BLACK, without any logo showing, colored trim or embellishments, like rhinestones, beads or sequins. Shoes maybe black or white tennis shoes. You may wear aerobic style outfit. It is not "sports" wear and should not be sports uniform. The outfit can be a sports shirt, leggings, yoga pants, capris, biking shorts or something similar. Bra tops are fine. You MAY NOT wear swim wear of any sort.)

Fun Fashion - The contestant will be judged on personal appearance, modeling and show casing their personality.

Evening Gown - The contestant will have approximately 60 seconds to complete their evening gown presentation, and can use a combination of step turns and or circle turns.

Modeling is the same in each event. See below.


Personal Introduction ---> X -->                        X                               X --> Exit



SCHEDULE OF EVENTS (Competition times subject to change)



6pm-9pm  Registration/ Orientation, PJ Party (not mandatory)

9:00am Little Miss interview (stage open for practice)

10:00am  Sweetheart/Pre-Teen Interview (stage open for practice)
11:00am Jr. Teen/Teen Interview (stage open for practice)
12:00pm  Miss/all Ms./Mrs. Interview

2:00pm Pageant Begins with Introductions in interview attire

5:00pm Crowning Ceremony for all Age Divisions

All winners are required to stay for Official Winners Photos immediately following the pageant.


The Queens will be determined by the highest collective score in Photogenic, Interview, On-stage Introduction, Casual Wear, Fun Fashion and Evening Gown. 

One QUEEN in each age division will be crowned.



They will receive:

Official Gorgeous Crown

Beautiful Rhinestone Banner

and other Awesome Gifts




They will appear on all advertising

represent the pageant at functions throughout the year



All Ms/Mrs. to Classic Queens will receive:


A personal invitation to compete at the Ms. World Pageant in 2020!

$500 discount off of the entry fees to Ms. World!


Photogenic: One winner in each age division will receive a photogenic banner and gift.

Interview: One winner in each age division will receive an interview banner and gift.


On-stage Introduction: One winner in each age division will receive a on-stage Introduction banner and gift.

Casual Wear: One winner in each age division will receive a Casual Wear banner and gift.

Fun Fashion: One winner in each age division will receive a Fun Fashion banner and gift.

Evening Gown: One winner in each age division will receive an Evening Gown banner and gift.






The Crown of America Pageant is being held at the beautiful

Renaissance Orlando at SeaWorld
6677 Sea Harbor Dr, Orlando, FL 32821
Phone(855) 475-3391


Room Rate is $159 per night plus taxes and Resort Fees


In order to get the Crown of America discounted room rate, use the booking code "Crown of America Pageant"

Phone(855) 475-3391



Sponsored by Melinda's Daycare, Ms. World Pageants

Crown of America Pageant

How to Download the Paperwork:

Download the paperwork by clicking on the "W" link to the left.

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