Areas of Competition


Worth 20 points

Photogenic submissions should be headshots with a minimum of retouching. Photogenic is judged on facial beauty, quality of the photo and overall impression.


Worth 20 points 

The interview is a five to ten-minute panel interview. The judges just want to get to know you and will not ask any questions of a political or religious nature.

On-Stage Introduction

Worth 20 points 

Contestants will introduce themselves including their name, their state, and a fun fact about themselves.

Casual Wear 

Worth 20 points

Contestants will model a casual outfit. Examples include something you would wear to a nice brunch with family. 

Fun Fashion 

Worth 20 points

Contestants will model a fun, fashion-forward outfit that showcases their personality. Outfits can range from jumpsuits, to high-low, to shorts. 

Evening Gown

Worth 20 points

Contestants will model a floor-length evening gown of their choice that showcases their inner beauty and strength. 

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